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Icarus Photografix offers a unique, artistic and creative spin on photography where some photographers would rather stay home all toasty warm in their slippers and PJs. Because of the nature of Geoff's personal photography is landscape & nature photography it often means going out in less than ideal conditions and getting wet & dirty all in the quest for a perfect photo. Looking for a shot of your property's barn with the stars of the Milky Way and Northern Lights lighting up the night sky? You're a farmer and you would like photos of your equipment, livestock, horses, cows etc in the field? Construction site that you would like documented during it's building progress? You bought a new snowmobile or Harley and would like creative sunset shots of it and maybe an action portrait? No job is too odd - actually the more wild and bizarre the request the more appealing it becomes.

Photo services cover:

  • informal events - sport, fundraising, award presentations
  • product photography
  • copy reproduction - artwork, documents & certificates
         (NOTE: written copyright clearance from the creator will be required for all artwork)
  • vehicle/property
  • pet/animal
  • on-location informal/causual portraits
  • band promo & gig photography

Due to the amount of time & scheduling demands that weddings require, Icarus Photografix does not do weddings and prefers to leave that to the other guys.

For more information...
Email geoff@icarusphotografix.com or Call (msgs) (204) 230.0623

One In Spirit One in Spirit
One In Spirit One in Spirit
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