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Icarus Photografix specializes and takes pride in high quality photo restoration at very affordable and competitive pricing. Restoration methedology emplyed is that all photo restoration should always maintain the integrety and esthetics of the original photograph and that restoration work should match flavour and period of the photo for the best results. Unlike some some restoration companies' approach, an image of your great grandfather from the 1800's does not end up looking good tossed onto a 1980's laser backdrop or Photoshop sci-fi canned filters added. Many photographic methods may have faded into history but the one thing that has never disappeared is good taste.

Restoration/Recreation services:

Restoration, retouching, and reproducing old photographs
(Physical damage such as mold, sun, general fading, cracks & tears can in most cases be repaired)

Printing & restoration of old obsolete odd-sized negatives that labs don't handle anymore
(glass, tin-types)
Correction of new photographs - removal of distractions/people, background replacements, colour/tone adjustments, cropping, enlargements & reductions
Collage and family tree photo layouts with old & current photos
Restoration of fire & water damaged photographs, documents, and negatives
Archival duplication of photos & slide collections
Colourization of B&W photos <-> Colour to B&W
Removal of people & objects OR adding/combining addional people into a single photo
Enlarging, re-cropping or recomposing/building out odd shaped images (oval framed images)

Due to the nature of photo restoration and that every photo is unique, jobs cannot be quoted until the image(s) are viewed and the nature of the damage is seen in relation to the image's details. Naturally some images are harder to repair than others due to where & type of damage you would like repaired (eg. cracks through faces are harder to repair than similar damage to backgrounds).

Quotes on all projects are always free. FREE city-wide pickup and delivery.

Restoration Samples

The original below was a small wallet-sized photo with extensive damage including missing details and heavy staining. The new image was restored to B&W (client's request though original was sepia toned), missing parts replaced using best guess (enough original information was remaining to use to rebuild - in the case of missing parts a 2nd photo may often be requested to use as a donor - in this case a suitable image wasn't available and best guess was used), and finally the image enlarged to 5x7 to match modern image/frame standards.

• • • • •

The original was a very small wallet-sized photo with slight creasing damage and a touch of fading/yellowing. Basic clean-up and tone adjustments were performed to fix it up. Further enhancement was added by hand colouring the B&W. Customer was asked for the colour details.The myth of colouring a B&W photo is there is no way to tell what colour something is - as a restorer you can tell light from dark but you can only guess what the colour really was. The customer is required to provide the colour details like hair, eye and clothes. Beyond that a best guess can be made for the unknowns.

• • • • •

The original was a very small wallet-sized photo with dirt & yellowing - and after enlargement showed some minor surface creasing. Image was reasonably sharp considering the small size and subjects not taking up much of the photo. Cropped, enlarged to 5x7, tone adjusted to allow shadow detail to show up best as possible, cleaned up and a 1/4 light sepia tone applied to warm the B&W.
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