Icarus Photografix

Icarus Photografix can scan small scale drawings or paintings or photograph large works and produce high resolution digital files ready for print. The service encompasses digital capture, colour matching, proofing and printing. With large scale works, lighting can be brought in and the image shot on location.

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Simply put, you don't go to a mechanic when you need a doctor. Artist's have their own language and quirky way of looking at the world and their work. What better service than to have another artist reproduce your work who can actually understand what it's like to have someone else reproduce their work. Scarey and frustrating feeling sometimes. Reality is that reproductions aren't easy - and the very nature of the proccess doesn't allow for 100% accuracy. Paint to pixels and those pixels to ink. Different media reacts differently to the image. Having someone who can explain that is where I can fit in because I've been there myself and have dealt with many artists in the past producing reproductions. My specialty is dealing with artists new to reproductions and digital technology - I will take the time to explain and answer questions.

Icarus' computer systems are hardware calibrated and work is done using Adobe Photoshop CS3. Each paper is hardware custom profiled for colour & tone accuracy. All prints are profiled in Adobe RGB colour space at 16bit for a Canon IPF large format professional printers. Photography equipment used is all professional grade.

Artist reproduction work goes beyond simple scanning/digitizing of photos with captured work colour matched against the original. Each area of the original is compared against the screen and proof till colour & tone match as closely as possible given the media chosen and as far as technology will allow.

All media chosen for Icarus' printing is archival - printed using official Canon Lucia pigment inks on archival papers/media giving at least 90 to 200 years longevity under proper care.

Services Offered:

Round Trip Digitizing to Printing
An image is captured to digital, matched, proofed, and printed. Final image is burned to CD/DVD in high resolution TIFF format at largest size (most often the size of the original) and any required smaller editioned sizes requested. An additional low resolution jpg image is also placed on the disk suitable for previewing or email/website purposes. All proofs are returned to customer or destroyed on completion of job and all digital copies present on work station deleted - unless customer requests that I hold a digital copy for them.

Digitization Only
A work is scanned or photographed to size required and a single proof made to verify colour/tone accuracy. A high resolution TIFF image is burned to CD/DVD plus a low resolution JPG image for previewing/email/web use. Good option for those who don't require prints but need images for web use, promotion and will be printing in the future - or will be using a 3rd party printing service.

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Current Media Offered:

Ilford Pearl Photo
Between gloss & matte photo finishes - good for ultimate sharpness, colour and holding brush & canvas/paper texture. Once framed a reproduction of a canvas work can still appear to be canvas.

Arches Watercolour
Good paper for the typical 'art' look in a reproduction. The nature of the paper has a soak-in plus texture so some colour intensity and sharpness of the original is lost in the reproduction. This is a good choice if you're after the 'feel' vs the 100% accuracy. Paper brightness is below photo - raw pure whites will reproduce with an off-white very "light creamy" tint.

This is the ultimate choice in reproducing a painted original. It's exactly the same stuff you would paint on and gives the same effect minus the depth of physical paint. Canvases can be either unstretched and framed or stretched on a stretcher for that traditional look.


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