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Icarus Photografix can preserve your obsolete slide and negatives by scanning and archiving them to CD or DVD. By doing so you can review them on a computer just like any digital image - or share them with family once again. The added bonus is your memories that are currently stored in space consuming boxes and running the risk of damage, can be archived to a simple disk or multiple copies for safer storage. One small disk can store 100's to 1000's of images far more safer than a shoebox.

The default negative and slide scanning service includes a high resolution full frame scan saved as TIFF that is suitable for lab printing PLUS a low resolution reduced JPG file that suitable for computer previewing & emailing. In the case of standard 35mm negatives this high resolution scan will be a 4"x6" 300dpi file capable of some enlargement & cropping to larger sized prints. Standard slide holders being somewhat more square in proportion, the high resolution scan will be a full frame (uncropped) 6" on the long side - this will allow for a natural 4x6 print cropping later on.

Customers can special request specific high resolution scan sizes that target specific print requirements like 5x7 or 8x10. In those cases you should be aware that cropping may be required and in the case of scan targets larger than 5x7, extra cost. All scanning includes high-res TIFF and low-res JPG versions.

Requests may also be made for duplicate CD/DVD backup copies to either just have an extra disk copy should anything happen to the original or to pass along to friends or family. Backup copies can be done for minimal cost and are a wise choice if you don't choose to backup the disk yourself.

Bulk discounts available.

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TV Display Photos from Disk - The backups to CD/DVD that Icarus Photografix provides are intended as archival backups and are intended to be accessed through a computer system. Currently, Icarus isn't offering TV viewable disks in a DVD menu format as a service but may in the future. Images on the archival disk may playback in some recorders that support playback of image file only formats.


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