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Gallery Show at Pixels 2.1 - PIXEL FUSION - Winnipeg

Story posted: 21. June 2011 by Geoff Lussier

I'm a little slow in getting this posted but it's been a rough few weeks with trying to get customer orders done, my printer's printhead going bad which is now fixed, trying to get my gallery images printed, and now my online gallery breaking and needing to redone from scratch. It's been an adventure to say the least.

BUT be sure not to miss what time is left to catch the group gallery show running this month June 3 to the 26th. I'm one of the 12 photographers showing works. And to catch up what's on tap this week of the 20th-26th, the gallery is holding a series of presentations with some of the exhibiting photographers PLUS on the evening of Monday 20th a live jazz band Jeff King Quartet.

Pixels 2.1 Gallery is located in the Exchange at 217 McDermot Ave (just off Main). You can call the gallery at 204.415.5480 or visit their website at for more info.

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New Gallery and Lightbox - June 21, 2011

Story posted: 21. June 2011 by Geoff Lussier

Well 2 weeks ago my gallery section was working. The other day I had to check on an image for sizing and price and it wasn't working. Nice big error was greeting me. Seems the server was upgraded and it killed my old Stockbox gallery I was running. I don't blame my server host as it was just a standard security upgrade. I do blame my old gallery software though which for the price of it I had figured would at least not break after a PHP script upgrade on the server. 

Anyway, not going to dwell on it. I moved on and found a better, more friendly, slicker, and far more affordable gallery/lightbox system to run. I apologize to anyone who've come here looking for my images. I'll be adding them back online as quickly as I can into the new software over the next 2 weeks once I customize things how I want them.

UPDATE June 22nd - Things are going together pretty well considering the gallery is being put back up from scratch with new software. Many images have been added to catalogues. The only thing that won't be avialable right away will be the print sizing and ordering. If you're looking for print purchases and sizes email me at

- Geoff

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